Do you want to improve your work environment in Smart Working?

Daleca is a very easy to use App, suitable for rethinking relationships between colleagues, and ensuring an inclusive, participatory, rewarding and sustainable work environment

Why Daleca?

With “Smart Working” we risk losing opportunities to meet and socialize: the coffee break, the chat in the hallway, the aperitif after work.

Daleca supports you in recreating all those moments that are not strictly functional but help us to develop new relationships, outside of our closest network, which can expose us to unexpected perspectives, giving rise to opportunities for “serendipity” and the generation and dissemination of unforeseen and unpredictable ideas.

Meetings of ideas

When you work only remotely, you focus on your existing relationships and networks.

The risk is to lock yourself in a bubble that polarizes your ideas and does not encourage contamination.

We offer you a very effective and easy-to-use solution to rethink the relationships between colleagues to ensure an inclusive, participatory, rewarding and sustainable work environment.

How does it work?

With Daleca you can create networking events, which consist of private one-on-one video calls of a few minutes made between each participant of the event.

For each video call, there will be a timer in the top left corner, which when it falls to zero will end the current video call and connect the participant with another, randomly.

Reviews from our customers


Networking events are critical in business, and Daleca is a simple and effective tool for organizing them. Congratulations on the idea.
Andreina Romano
Founder & CEO Heroes
Daleca is very useful both for staying in touch with members of your association, and for creating friendships and synergies with other associations. Great!
Luigi Bisogno
Presidente Donation Italia
We have long been looking for a tool like this to foster friendships, idea generation and collaborations among our members.
Eleonora Brignoli
Head of Community Engagement
@ Young Women Network

How much does it cost?

The first event is free, because we want you to fully understand the full potential of our tool. View details of our pricing plans

Il primo evento è gratuito, perché vogliamo farti comprendere a pieno tutte le potenzialità del nostro strumento. Visualizza i dettagli dei nostri piani tariffari

Frequently Asked Questions

Events are usually organized by Associations, Companies and Institutions. Sometimes private individuals also create events independently because they are interested in meeting people in relation to a particular theme.

The functioning of the events on Daleca is very simple. Once the user has signed up, just click on the “Login” button on the event page of the App.

The user will see a counter, which indicates how much time is left before the event starts.

As soon as the counter reaches zero, the event will start:

1) Each user will be automatically put in a private (one-to-one) video call with another participant, randomly.

2) During the video call the users will be able to get to know each other, make friends and discuss various topics, depending on the type of event.

3) The video call has a fixed duration (usually 4-5 minutes), and in the upper left corner will be visible a timer that monitors the elapsed time

4) At the end of the video call (when the timer reaches zero) the user will be put in call with another participant, and the same thing happens for all other participants (just as if it were a “speed date”)

5) In addition, at the end of each video call it will be possible to express a “feedback” from 1 to 5 stars about the conversation just had

6) At the end of the event (usually lasts about 30min – 1 hour) you can view all the feedback received from the people you met during the event, and their social contact details to stay in touch with them.

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The overall event has a duration set by the organizer and visible on the event page. Usually events last from 30min to 1h and 30min.

It means that the video call is private, and takes place between 2 people. For example: if there are 20 participants in the event, then the App will create 10 private video calls between 2 people.

After 4-5 minutes (depending on what the organizer decides) the App will end these video calls and will create another 10 (always pairing 2 participants for each video call) in a random way, allowing everyone to talk to everyone.

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The duration of each video call is set by the organizer, but they usually last 4-5 min

Associations, companies and universities can create private events to reserve participation only for their members. In this case it will be possible to choose a “password” to be provided to each participant to register for the event.

In addition, events can also be public, to allow anyone interested in the topic in question to participate, so as to encourage the contamination of new ideas and the birth of new friendships and collaborations.

Yes, prior to the networking event you can have attendees view a Webinar, and at the end of the Webinar offer the opportunity for all attendees to meet and ask questions (via one-on-one video calls) of the people who gave the Webinar.

This exponentially increases attendee engagement, forges a stronger relationship with them, and increases the number of responses to the call-to-action.

Yes, it is possible. Just insert the call to action link when creating the event

At public events you can participate simply by downloading the Daleca App from the relevant stores and registering for the event you want to attend (it will be possible only if the places are not finished).

To participate in private events you must be a “member” of the organization that created the event, or contact the organizer in question and follow his instructions.

No, at the moment the participation is allowed only through the Daleca App, but if we receive many requests in the future we will also implement the PC version.

Yes, of course. You can hold calls even without showing up. 

Yes, it is possible to log in during the event, but it is advisable to log in at the exact time established, so that you can talk to as many participants as possible.

During the video call you will be able to see a small button in the shape of a dice that if clicked allows you to view the conversation ideas in theme with the event. So you won’t have to worry about running out of words.

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